Our Leadership

In Good, Calloused, Dirt-Under-The-Nails Hands

We aren’t just talkers. We don’t sit on our perch way above your project afraid to put our feet on the ground. We go out into the field and we dig in deep throughout the whole process. Every single one of us. Because we learned a long time ago, the best way to make sure anything gets done right is to get our hands and boots dirty. So you can count on us to eat, breathe and live your project from top to bottom. Or shall we say, from the ground up.

Here’s our team who will be working with you:

Linda Troncoso P.E.

- President -

Linda serves as district engineer to several municipal utility districts in west Texas and provides her oversight and expertise to numerous land development projects in Texas and New Mexico.

Adrian Rosas P.E.

- Vice President -

Adrian brings almost 20 years of experience in the civil engineering field to the firm and provides a high level of technical expertise in water and wastewater treatment and infrastructure.

John M. Jansing, Jr. P.E.

- Vice President -

John has almost 40 years of experience in Special Purpose District representation, project feasibility evaluations, and water resource projects throughout the State of Texas.

Our Approach

The Science of Simple

When you meet us, please don’t judge us by the jeans we wear to work every day. Don’t condemn us for the boots we walk in. We are from Texas. Which means we enjoy live music and beer out of a can or a good margarita. Either work. We are simple like that.

And just like us, engineering doesn’t have to be overly complicated either. All our years of experience has shown us that, at the heart of it, engineering simply comes down to a single problem that needs a solution. Sure, the methods, tactics, strategies and details can get intricate (let us worry about that), but if you take a step back, it’s nothing more than just a question waiting for the right answer.

Because we understand this, we’re always able to see through the weeds. And we always find that answer.

Yep, there’s a science to engineering. And we’ve figured it out. Simple as that.

TRE & Associates

Our Vision | All The Difference

When it comes to engineering, we look at things differently than other firms. Because we know every job is different, and every client deserves their own solution. Which is why we don’t apply the same formula to everything. We don’t believe in cookie cutter anything. Easy is not an option. We look at your project, your needs, and figure out the best way to bring it all to life. Then we plan it. We design it. And we give it a heartbeat. Your heartbeat.

At TRE & Associates, each engineering job stands on its own, the way you envision it. Because we look at things differently. Because we are different.

And that makes all the difference.


TRE & Associates partners with our clients by providing innovative engineering solutions to achieve project success. Our unique approach to each challenge helps our clients realize their vision while enhancing the quality of life in our communities.


By the year 2025 TRE & Associates will expand and diversify to increase our market share in the public and private sectors. To support these efforts TRE & Associates will invest in staffing, education and technologies with the ultimate goal to increase revenues. While pursuing these goals, TRE & Associates will hold firm its recognized spirit of collaboration in all our business relationships.

Our History

A Strong Foundation Is Everything

On paper, we’ve been around since December 2011. But we aren’t new to this game. Our team members each have a long, rich history filled with successful projects of all shapes and sizes. And together, we’ll use that proven experience to make the right choices for you from start to finish. So you can have full confidence that your challenges will be met with the utmost expertise you can find in the industry.

We have over 80 years of combined engineering experience in:

  • Land Planning
  • Development
  • Services For Special Purpose Districts
  • Water And Wastewater Treatment Facility Planning And Construction
  • Coordination With Governmental Entities