Feasibility and Planning

TRE’s team of proficient civil engineers and designers join forces for projects, no matter the size, to methodically create innovative planning concepts with careful consideration to achieving the client’s goals. Through our feasibility and planning services, we objectively inform our clients of the strengths and weaknesses of a project and present evaluated ideas integrating those factors into alternatives to ensure the desired success. The TRE professionals understand that the success of any project results from the principal of leaving no rock unturned and knowing that the success of initial planning leads to client satisfaction.

The feasibility and planning services typically provided by the firm include:

  • Coordination for surveys supporting planning and design
  • Land use zoning analysis
  • Aerial mapping coordination
  • Utility availability evaluation
  • Site drainage analysis
  • Evaluation of existing entitlements
  • Project planning alternative analysis
  • Opinion of probable construction costs
  • Identification of environmental challenges
  • Permitting requirements and associated timelines
  • Preparation of project schedules
  • Identification of potential funding mechanisms
  • Value analysis using alternative technologies