Year: 2009 - 2012

Client: Horizon Regional Municipal Utility District (HRMUD)

Location: El Paso County, Texas

Contribution: Civil Engineering Design, Permitting, and Construction Administration

HRMUD sought to expand the raw water supply system to support their potable water demands. Principals of TRE coordinated with land owners and hydrogeologists to identify and secure well sites. In 2011, three 1,000 gpm wells were developed and connected to a new raw water transmission line.

The transmission line included approximately six (6) miles of 24-inch DI and C-905 water supply line for conveyance of raw water to be treated by the District’s reverse osmosis treatment plant located in Horizon City, Texas. The project route began south of IH-10 and ran north east through future Rojas Drive, then along Mark Twain within Sparks subdivision, through private easement, and then within Horizon Boulevard (TxDOT) right-of-way.

The scope of the wells and associated water line included route study, easement acquisition, right-of-way coordination, utility coordination, design and permitting of a 48-inch bore under Interstate Highway 10, and permitting through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Paseo del Este MUD, El Paso County, and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). TRE provided design, bidding and construction administration services for this project.