Years: 2014 – 2015

Client: Hunt Communities GP, LLC

Location: El Paso County, Texas

Contribution: Civil Engineering Design, Construction Services

In pursuit of meeting the goals of the El Paso County Comprehensive Mobility Plan and to improve connecting thoroughfares in the rapidly growing area East of El Paso, El Paso County and the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) joined to lead the design and construction of a 5,240 foot section of Mission Ridge Boulevard. This 6-lane section extended the major arterial roadway adjacent to the Mission Ridge Master Planned Community north to its intersection with Pellicano Drive.

TRE & Associates, LLC (TRE) was engaged by Hunt Communities GP, LLC (Hunt) as their contribution to the El Paso County and RMA efforts, to provide the design of the roadway and the associated illumination and landscaping improvements. The design planning, within the 110 right-of-way, included the subsurface utility engineering to support El Paso Electric, AT&T, and Texas Gas Service service providers. Additional planning required TRE to coordinate with El Paso Water Utilities – Public Service Board and Paseo del Este Municipal Utility District No. 1 regarding coordination of water and wastewater infrastructure pending design or construction within the right-of-way. TRE completed the roadway design to Texas Department of Transportation standards. The design by TRE included signalization at Pellicano Drive, accommodations to meet the Texas Accessibility Standards issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, roadway illumination and roadway corridor landscaping. The drainage facilities supporting the design of the roadway improvements required the coordination with El Paso County and adjacent development under the authority of Paseo del Este Municipal Utility District No. 1.

TRE provided construction specifications for the plans meeting the Texas Department of Transportation standards and assisted both El Paso County and the RMA in conducting the bidding and award for construction.

TRE is supporting the construction of the roadway improvements through the periodic observation of construction, providing reports to the RMA and attending construction progress meetings.