Years: Representation Since 1994 | TRE Representation Since 2011

Client: Horizon Regional Municipal Utility District

Location: El Paso County, Texas

Contribution: Civil Engineering Design, TCEQ Liaison Permitting, Bond Issue Applications, Board Meeting Representation

Principals of TRE have represented the 91,000 acre Horizon Regional Municipal Utility District (District) since 1994 and the firm of TRE & Associates, LLC (TRE) became the engineer of record in 2011. The District has brought many engineering challenges as it maintains itself as a self-sufficient utility provider in East El Paso. In 1994, the District had approximately 2,100 active connections to serve compared with the approximate 9,400 current connections. Providing utility capacity through this period has been supported by the diligence of the Principals of TRE in assisting with alternative bridge financing to fund the necessary improvements to the utility infrastructure in meeting Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirements. This has resulted in water treatment through an 8 million gallon per day reverse osmosis water treatment plant and wastewater treatment through a 3 million gallon per day, reinforced concrete concentric circle activated sludge facility. This has been supported through the addition of three elevated storage tanks and booster pump station upgrades for water supply, and with lift station, additions and line extensions for wastewater collection.

TRE provides engineering oversight to the District for water and wastewater system planning. Be it extensions or expansions of capacity, TRE has constructed models of the system for pinpointing solutions to system impacts caused by the demands from continuing growth. To fund the necessary improvements, TRE assists the District’s Board of Directors through planning workshops and the ultimate preparation of bond issue applications to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. TRE maintains the responsibility for representing the District before the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for matters relating to system compliance and permitting. The Board is updated at monthly committee and Board meetings.

For District infrastructure projects, TRE provides the design construction document preparation and bid support. During the course of construction, TRE will provide the routine review of construction progress and conduct a walkthrough of completed construction to note and list any work not considered acceptable. TRE also oversees the testing of constructed infrastructure to confirm they meet the requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.