Years: Since 2014

Client: Pioneer Natural Resources, USA

Location: Midland, Texas

Contribution: Feasibility, Civil Engineering Design, TCEQ Permitting, Construction Administration

Pioneer Natural Resources, USA (PNR) required a reliable supply of potable water to support its onsite operations and offsite housing complex in Midland, Texas. TRE & Associates, LLC was engaged by PNR to evaluate the feasibility of meeting the demands that these facilities required with the groundwater resources available. Through evaluations of groundwater quality potential well yields, TRE determined the groundwater supply was sufficient but would require reverse osmosis treatment to meet Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirements. The subsequent project design by TRE included two wells for supply to a 75,000 gallon per day reverse osmosis treatment plant. The management of resulting concentrate from the treatment process used vapor distillation for a zero liquid discharge of the process byproduct. A series of ground storage tanks isolated the raw water from the wells, treated water for potable supply and concentrate for vapor distillation. The management of the transfer of the water from the storage tanks to the designated treatment units and ultimate delivery to the distribution is monitored and controlled by a SCADA system.

TRE is providing the administration of the project construction at the request of PNR. These services include periodic inspection of the construction, review of submittals, and coordination of equipment deliveries. TRE will coordinate the system startup when construction is complete in late 2016.