Drainage & Roadway Construction

Year : 2008 | Client : Hunt Communities, GP, LLC

Location : El Paso County, Texas

Contribution : Civil Engineering & Permitting

TRE & Associates, LLC staff was retained by the developer, Hunt Communities GP, LLC, to plat and design and 2,800 foot section of Paseo del Este Boulevard, a 6-lane divided major arterial roadway, with supporting drainage facilities and an entrance to their master planned community.

The design included establishing the alignment and profile, signage, and striping of the roadway and included one box culvert crossing and one span bridge crossing (approximately 500 feet) of existing drainage ways. TRE Staff modeled the FEMA Floodzone and arroyo flow path for the span crossing and secured a CLOMR from FEMA prior to construction in order to convey the stormwater from the upstream drainage basin. TRE represented the owner in providing construction support services which included cost estimating, and construction management.