Year: 2013 – 2015

Client: MWI-KOC, LLC

Location: Austin, Texas

Contribution: Land Planning, Platting, Civil Engineering Design, Construction Administration

TRE & Associates, LLC was engaged by MWI-KOC, LLC to land plan, plat and design the single family residential development, Knollwood on the Colorado, Sections 2A & 2B. The development area which is located in southeast Austin, Texas, and on the banks of the Colorado River, is comprised of 33 acres and 134 lots.

The development area contained numerous protected trees greater than 24 inches in diameter requiring planning to preserve those trees in meeting City of Austin ordinances and to protect them during the construction of utilities and streets. The resulting development plan prepared by TRE staff succeeded in protecting the trees and successfully incorporating the trees into the community without putting them at risk.

Stormwater controls included detention and water quality ponds prior to discharge of collected runoff into the Colorado River. The water quality pond employed the green technology biofiltration, which used select vegetation and bio media to meet the City of Austin mandated pollutant and sediment removal prior to outfall. The subdivision also required a LOMR-F be secured from FEMA for the reach of the Colorado River adjacent to the subdivision where the lots had been filled to remove them from the FEMA Flood Zone. TRE completed the hydraulic model and supporting documents required to successfully secure the LOMR-F.

TRE represented MWI-KOC, LLC in providing construction support services which included opinion of cost presentation, routine construction observation, and the administration of the construction contract.